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How Piles Problem is Different for Men & Women?

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How Piles Problem is Different for Men & Women?

Hemorrhoids or Piles are defined as the swollen veins in the anus or around the opening of anal. It can occur to anybody who goes through unhealthy food habits or sitting constantly for long hours at office premises. Though Piles are going on in people for many years, yet with each passing years it has been increasing drastically in men and women, and even children. Let us know what is the cause of piles in men and women? And, what is the best piles treatment?


Causes of Piles in Men

Piles can be caused by any of the reason among men:

  • Weight lifting in the gym:Men may have to suffer from piles if they lift heavy objects at the gym. Yes! Weight lifting can also lead to piles problem. Veins around the pelvic region may get swell because you are giving constant stress to veins. Hence, make sure you are avoiding this.
  • Long Hours in Toilet:Those men who spend more time on the toilet seat may have to suffer from piles problem.


Causes of Piles in Women

Women may also have to suffer from the Piles problem. However, the reason behind this problem somewhat differs from Men.

Pregnancy or Childbirth: There are many shreds of evidence that tell women during their pregnancy or childbirth may get piles problem. Carrying a child for 9 months can put a lot of extra pressure on the blood vessels around their pelvis and lower back region. Also, at the time of childbirth, women have to strain hard to push the infant out. This extra pressure leads to anal disease which commonly called piles.


Symptoms of Piles in Males & Females

Piles symptoms are quite evident yet many failed to identify its symptoms. If you are going through these below-mentioned symptoms, then maybe you are suffering from piles problem. Have a look on its symptoms that are common to both men and women.

  • Constant Pain & Irritation in the anus or anal opening. It is because of the swollen veins.
  • Itchy skin and swelling due to swollen lymph around the area of the anus
  • Experience unbearable pain while passing stool
  • Red Blood while during bowel movements.


Consult Dr. AshishBhanot for Piles Treatment at Aum Clinics!

No one can deny that piles problem give intense pain and discomfort. However, it can be treated well with the best treatment. Earlier open piles surgery for piles is given to patients, but now pain-free surgery option is also available which gives less pain to piles sufferers. After this surgery, they can get back to their daily routine without any hassle. However, for the best treatment makes sure you are consulting with Dr Ashish Bhanot. He is highly skilled and possessed with years of experience. He has successfully operated so many cases and renowned for giving the best results. If you are also looking for the best doctors, then visit the Dwarka Piles Clinic, “Aum Clinics” without making any delay. Our clinic is equipped with the latest surgical tools and advanced technologies.

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