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How Can Piles Problem Affect Our Daily Routine?

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How Can Piles Problem Affect Our Daily Routine?

Living with hemorrhoids can significantly affect your daily routine. Isn’t it? Well, everything will get affected like working at the office, going for a toilet, traveling for business trips and so forth. This can make your whole day a challenge as you have to suffer constantly with discomfort and pain. A person who is suffering from piles problems may have to suffer from unwanted problems. However, this problem can overcome easily, if you are consulting at Aum Clinics. It is the best piles hospital in Dwarka which is known for giving effective remedies to piles patients.

According to reports, it has been estimated that almost 10 million people suffer from Piles pain, a disease which is increasing rapidly due to constipation, insomnia, strong inclination towards junk foods and so forth.

A little attention towards your daily routine can protect you from several problems in the future. Thinking what are the reasons that may aggravate your piles’ problem and how you can avoid these situations? Read the blog then! Here we will discuss each point.

How Piles Can Affect Your Everyday Life?

  1. Sitting Long Hours at Work Desk

If you are already a sufferer of piles and still spending 8-9 hours at your desk in front of your computer screen, then it will only lead to chronic constipation which further increases your stress at the time of passing stool.

Leading inactive life for long hours only going to increase your troubles, thus make sure you are avoiding sitting constantly in the same place. Walking and jogging for at least thirty minutes will be beneficial for you.

  1. Avoid To Lift Heavy Objects or Weight

Going to the gym is certainly the best thing from your end. However, if you are lifting heavy objects, then give a stop to these exercises as it can lead to pressure on clot(s) which is definitely good for the external hemorrhoids. Thus, make sure you are consulting with a reputed Doctor for the Piles Treatment.

  1. High Anxiety & Stress in Life

Today, we are living in an advanced technology world where stress and anxiety are quite common. People are suffering from depression and anxiety that can even worsen their piles problem. To avoid this, find some fun activities that can lessen your stress and gives you relief from your stress.

  1. Scratching Must Be Avoided!

Anal itching is persistent for piles patients. They can’t resist themselves from constant scratching. But, it is advisable to avoid scratching in the anal region as it will only increase your problem. If you are feeling a burning sensation, then make sure you are consulting with a doctor. For that, choose Aum Clinics for getting effective solutions. It is the best Dwarka Piles Clinic which is renowned for providing safe and effective solutions.

  1. Don’t Spend Too Much Time in Toilet 

No one can deny that going to the toilet is a nightmare for piles sufferers. They feel extreme discomfort and severe pain while passing stool or urine. Hence, make sure you are not spending more than 15 minutes in a toilet. Straining on pot leads to bleeding or anal skin tags which may further complex your situation. So, don’t scroll on websites on social media when you are sitting at a bathroom pot.

Where to get the Piles Surgery In Dwarka?

If you are having piles at the initial stage, then it will be cured through proper medication. However, if you need a permanent solution then surgery is certainly the best option. Now technologies have been advanced and you will get the treatment without any big stitches or deep marks. Also, you need not to suffer from intense pain. But make sure you are choosing the right doctor. Dr Ashish Bhanot is one of the best surgeons who are highly qualified and possessed with years of expertise. So, when it comes to piles treatment, only rely on Dr Ashish Bhanot.

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