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Do You Have Piles Or Fissures? Know it’s Symptoms!

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Do You Have Piles Or Fissures? Know it’s Symptoms!

Usually a problem in the anal region is either because of piles or fissures. But people often can get confused within the two and can’t differentiate one from the other. But these two are very different conditions and have different course of treatments. So, how to tell the difference between them?

Difference between fissures and piles

Piles are swollen blood vessels near the anal opening while fissures are like a tear within the skin of anal opening.In case of severe piles you should consult the best piles doctor in Dwarka.

Difference inthe Symptoms Of Fissures And Piles

Even though the symptoms of both may seem the same but there are many specific symptoms that can help you differentiate between both of them.

  • Piles are usually characterized by the bleeding after passing of stool. The blood is fresh and there is no pain or relatively less pain. You will experience some discomfort though.
  • But in the case of fissure, a sharp and acute pain is experienced while passing the faeces. The pain is so much that you fear from going to the toilet the next time. Another specific symptom of fissure is spasm. Spasms are observed in the muscles around anus while passing the stool.

Where to go for treatment?

If you have severe pain due to your piles then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. If you want the best treatment with great results then you should go to Dr Ashish Bhanot. He is a renowned doctor in the field of piles treatment. He is an expert in different techniques for piles treatment. He has successfully treated many patients and he has a stellar track record. His Dwarka Piles Clinic is the best place for piles treatment in Delhi.

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