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Can Diet Alterations Help With Your Piles?

Can Diet Alterations Help With Your Piles?


We all believe that prevention is better than cure but piles being as common as it is can’t always be prevented. So many of us are living with piles right now or might suffer from it in the future. We all know the basics that constipation is one of the chief causes of piles. There are several ways to prevent piles.

But what to do if we’re already suffering from it? Well, you should start by consulting the Best Piles Doctor In Dwarka. And there are other things that you can do like altering your diet a bit.

Diet recommendations for people suffering from piles


Fiber is the main dietary supplement for anyone suffering from piles or trying to prevent it. Because foods having more fiber content are digested easily so you won’t have any hard stool. Eat more and more fiber-containing foods and it will help with your piles.

Dairy Products

If you are a person who is already suffering from piles then try to avoid dairy products as much as possible. Dairy foods are high in fat content and low on fiber. This causes forming dry and hard stool which is difficult to pass. Hence they can cause constipation, which we all know is bad for your piles.

Processed Meat and eggs

If you have piles then you should also try to avoid red meat and eggs from your diet. This is because processed meat contains a lot of preservatives which is not good for your digestive tract.


Drink as much water as you can and avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as you can. As the water softens the stool while caffeine and alcohol cause constipation.

Having alterations in your diet will not exactly treat your piles it will just stop it from aggravating so you do need to consider visiting the best piles doctor in dwarka. Plus it is highly recommended that occasionally you have vegan meals which will help you clean out your digestive system.

Getting rid of your piles problem permanently

If you are currently suffering from piles or have recurring piles then it is time toconsider getting surgery for permanent relief. So you should go ahead and consult Dr Ashish Bhanot. He is a very skilled surgeon and also a renowned piles doctor in Dwarka. He has carried out successful surgeries on many piles patients who were no bothered by piles again. So if you wish to make piles a thing of your past, then quit waiting around and consult him at Dwarka Piles Clinics today!

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